About us

We love socks. The more colourful, whacky and crazy they are, the better!

In early 2016, we decided to open Sockies, an online sock shop dedicated purely to weird and wonderful socks, with the promise that there would not be a pair of black socks in sight. 

And from there it grew.

Sockies is all about expressing individuality and flipping the bird to social norms. We don't conform. We're loud, rebellious, and most importantly, fun loving! Our bright and colourful socks represent what is unique about you and your personality. 

If you're reading this, thank you! It means you've visited our shop and taken the time to learn about us and we hope you love our socks as much as we do.

If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear from you, just drop us a line at support@sockiesofficial.com

Much love

The Sockies Team